A new vSphere 5 licensing: way to go VMware!

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After weeks of discussions, blog articles by almost everyone (I also talked about it here), VMware has announced a change in vSphere 5 licensing.

Here are the details:

vSphere editionPrevious vRAM entitlementNew vRAM entitlement
vSphere Enterprise+48 GB96 GB
vSphere Enterprise32 GB64 GB
vSphere Standard24 GB32 GB
vSphere Essentials+24 GB32 GB
vSphere Essentials24 GB32 GB

Also, every VM (even the famous 1 Tb monster VM) will be counted for its first 96 Gb of Ram.

Last, vRAM will be calculated in a 12-month average of consumed vRAM rather than tracking the high water mark of vRAM. This will be great for test and QA environments where we spin up and destroy many VMs.


Great job VMware!!!

It’s not by everyone beeing the absolute leader, and anyway give credit to costumers’ feedback, and most of all change position if needed. We’ve seen in the past successful companies loosing their customers because of wrong commercial strategies, more than technical issues.

Seems this is not that moment for VMware, and I’m happy about it.