Veeam and PernixData: vPower on steroids!

I’ve always been a fan of PernixData since the day I first learned about them at Storage Field Day 3 more than a year ago. I’ve always been in touch with them afterwards, visited their offices in San Jose, and I was also accepted into their PernixPro program. Thanks to the program, I got the opportunity to test with some advance the new release of PernixData FVP 2.0, and a couple of new enhancements seemed to me like a perfect fit for an integration with Veeam Backup & Replication. Have you ever thought what could be the result of accelerating Veeam vPower NFS using Pernixata?

8 gems in Veeam Availability Suite V8. Part 1: linux certificate-based authentication

Veeam Availability Suite v8 has just been released and customers and partners are already starting to upgrade their environments and explore the several new features that have been added to this latest version of the software. As in any previous release, in addition to the main new features that have been promoted during the launch campaign, there are many enhancement that are not part of the marketing activities, but nonetheless they all contribute to create every time an awesome version of the software.
In this series of posts, I picked my favourite 8 technical gems, and I will show you them and dive a little bit into their technical details.
First week is about Linux certificate-based authentication.

Change all your Veeam backup jobs to the new forward forever-incremental

When you upgrade Veeam Backup & Replication to V8, you have available the new Forward forever-incremental mode for your backups. This is the default method for all newly created jobs, but the already existing backup jobs are not changed, because we do not want to change the user experience or create issues to I/O profiles, backup windows and such.
This great powershell script will take all your existing forward incremental backup jobs and reconfigure them to use the new forward forever-incremental mode.

A quick look at the new Microsoft Storage Spaces Shared Nothing

When I first learned about Microsoft Scale Out File Server, I realized that the name was not correct, as in reality there were shared SAS jbods between the storage nodes. The main concept of a true scale-out architecture is Share-Nothing: there should be no shared component between nodes, and the failure of a component should not impact the overall storage solution. During TechED Europe 2014 in Barcelona, a new and really interesting solution has been announced, and the name is promising: Storage Spaces Shared Nothing.

Veeam Cloud Connect reference architecture

One of the new and greatest features of Veeam Backup & Replication V8 is Veeam Cloud Connect. With it, Veeam users can easily send backup copies offsite to remote locations managed by Veeam Service Providers with their cloud services. This Reference Architecture is aimed at service providers looking for a comprehensive guide to design, configure and deploy a complete Veeam Cloud Connect infrastructure.

Veeam Backup I/O Control and Snapshot Hunter at Tech Field Day X 2014

Veeam has always been a great supporter of Tech Field Day. As a sponsor Veeam presented several times at various TFD events, and both me and my colleague Rick Vanover have been previously TFD delegates before joining Veeam. We had another opportunity to meet Stephen Foskett and to present at TFD during VMworld EMEA 2014 in Barcelona last week. We had a 1 hour meeting and it was a really pleasant meeting as always. This time, we used our slot to talk a little bit more in details of two new upcoming features in Veeam Backup & Replication v8.