Social media automation, how to save time with Zapier (and say godbye to IFTTT)

Managing all the social media I’m involved in takes time, that’s for sure.
In the previous months, I started to use IFTTT: it has a nice interface, and it’s super easy to create a new “recipe”, that is the name used to describe a new automation task. IFTTT has another great advantage in being completely free, but for my use it quickly showed its limits. Two of the biggest ones are the limit to one account per supported service and the lack of support for common services like the ability to post to Linkedin groups. Meanwhile, IFTTT is adding support for tons of “weird” and niche services while the lack of complete support for the common services like those I described before goes on…
I decided to give a try to Zapier, and I quickly realized it’s a far better tool than IFTTT for my needs!

2014: my fourth VMworld. Or the first?

This will be my fourth VMworld in a row, the third in the US. But it will also be my first one. It’s no secret I joined Veeam this year in February (by the way, it’s six months now, time is flying…), and in my role I will attend both VMworld US and EMEA events. This will be my first experience at VMworld as a vendor employee, and I’m thinking about what to expect.

Your design is not carved in stone

No design is carved in stone. Different needs, hardware changes, new business requirements, or as in this case the introduction of a new technology that needs to work together with the existing ones, require the design to be changed and adapted. So, the design is never perfect, rather it’s the best one for that specific situation and time; as the situation changes, so it should also the design.

Out of your private club

Have you ever met someone who comes to you, and asks you “what do you do?”. Except your parents and friends (to them, I say “I work with computers”, it’s hard to explain them what I do…), I’m pretty sure it doesn’t happens really often, isn’t it? We meet prospects, customers, competitors, work friends, and even with all the existing differences, we all work in the same market. but when you meet, like I did, a guy who works with wordpress, and barely knows about the servers running his websites, it a great challenge to explain him what my company does.

European telco, data roaming, and a great lesson from T-Mobile

Europe is comparable, by surface and population, to United States of America, even more since it was somehow unified under the European Community. “Somehow”, because regardless the long-time efforts at the end we only have a common currency, the Euro. And it’s not even used in all the european countries…
Data roaming problems are well known to european citizens, and regardless the efforts from the European Commission, we are far away from a solution. Yet, a great lesson is coming from the USA from T-Mobile, and it show us how the european telco could already solve those problems, if they would like to better serve their customers instead of squeezing their wallets.

Telco europee, data roaming, e la grande lezione di T-Mobile

L’Europa è paragonabile, per superficie e popolazione, agli Stati Uniti D’America, specie da quando è in qualche modo unificata sotto il cappello della Comunità Europea. “In qualche modo”, perchè nonostante gli sforzi decennali alla fine in comune abbiamo onestamente solo la moneta, l’Euro. E nemmeno in tutte le nazioni…
I problemi di data roaming sono ben noti a tutti i cittadini europei, e nonostante gli sforzi della Commissione Europea, siamo molto lontani da una soluzione. Eppure, nel frattempo ci arriva dagli USA una forte lezione da T-Mobile, e dimostra come gli operatori europei potrebbero già ora risolvere questi problemi, se volessero per una volta pensare a servire i propri clienti invece di spremerli.