Run your small DNS server with MaraDNS

For a new project I started last week I needed a DNS server in my home office. Usually, my router is my dns resolver, but it doesn’t allow to create authoritative zones.  Windows 10 running on my laptop doesn’t have a DNS server either, and I don’t have an hypervisor in my home office to build a virtual machine; and it wouldn’t even be useful to spend so much time doing it for then using the DNS just a couple of hours.
So, I looked around and I found this tiny cool project called MaraDNS, that was perfect for my use case.

Veeam Backup for GCP and Multi-tenancy

Since we released Veeam Backup for Google Cloud Platform (can we call it VB4GCP from now on, do you mind?) a few weeks ago, many users have immediately started to use it. The use case of a single user protecting his resources is very easy to understand and configure, but today I’ve been asked by one of our service providers how could we configure the software to protect different customers from the same installation. Let’s test this in the lab!