Disponibile la patch 1 per Veeam Backup & Replication 6.5

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Pochi giorni fa, durante le vacanza natalizie, Veeam ha rilasciato la prima patch per Veeam Backup & Replication 6.5.

Potete trovare tutte le informazioni relative alle correzioni apportate, e il link per il download della patch, in questo articolo della loro Knowledge Base. Eccovi alcune informazioni utili.


dovete verificare di possedere la versione 6.5 per poter utilizzare la patch. Esistono due versioni 6.5 distribuite a brevissima distanza, identificate dalle build e A differenza di quanto indicato nell’articolo, entrambe le versioni possono essere aggiornate con la patch. La patch incrementerà il build number a



• Application-aware processing takes significantly longer on some virtual machines than it used to with the previous product versions.

• Disk space check may be failing on certain CIFS-based backup repositories with the following warning: “Could not perform threshold check for backup location [backup repository name] due to space info retrievement fail!”



• Under certain circumstances, the job will not attempt to remove the snapshot left behind by the previous job run.

• Quick migration does not support virtual hardware version 9 VMs.

• SureBackup virtual lab cannot be created on ESX host with SSH connection credentials supplied.

• After upgrading ESX to ESXi, Veeam jobs fail with the following error: “The object has already been deleted or has not been completely created”

• Attempting to backup a VM from free ESXi host results in unclear error logged.



• Rebooting Hyper-V host may occasionally result in resetting changed block tracking data.

• Under certain circumstances, jobs are unable to leverage changed block tracking data with the following error: “Failed to flush change tracking data for VM”

• Changed block tracking driver reliability enhancements for tracking virtual disk files larger than 2TB.

• Upgrading to this and following patches and releases should no longer require Hyper-V host reboot to finalize driver installation.


Veeam Explorer for Microsoft Exchange

• Autoimport of Microsoft Exchange mailbox databases fails with the “Failed to open exchange store” error for configurations with both mailbox databases and transaction logs located at the same path on different volumes.

• Items restored back to original mailbox are incorrectly marked and acting as Drafts.

• Restoring the complete mailbox to the original location fails with the following error: “Object reference not set”

• Veeam Explorer for Microsoft Exchange will not start on certain localized operating system versions.


Veeam Explorer for SAN Snapshots

• Increased default timeouts for communication with storage to prevent “Failed to execute CLIQ command” errors in large infrastructures.


Veeam ONE integration

• Backup repository status queries do not close network connections properly, and are adding up. Eventually, this may result in backup repository hanging.