Deploy and install NetApp ONTAP Simulator 8.3 RC1 for a vSphere cluster

NetApp has a nice ONTAP Simulator that is freely available, and allows anyone to test out their storage platform without having to own a physical array. In the past I’ve used the NetApp Edge VSA, but since some months this is not available anymore, and the simulator is the only way to go. In this article, I’ll show you how to install and configure the Simulator with its latest version 8.3 RC1, and connect it to a vSphere cluster.

My adventures with Ceph Storage. Part 6: Mount Ceph as a block device on linux machines

In the last months, I’ve refreshed my knowledge on Ceph storage, an open source scale out storage entirely made in software. As I’ve walked through my own learning path, I’ve created a series of blog posts explaining the basics, how to deploy and configure it, and my use cases. In this sixth part: Part 6: Mount Ceph as a block device on linux machines.