See you at HP Discover in Las Vegas?

HP Discover is the main worldwide event organized by HP every year. There is a US event and an EMEA one. In the past, I’ve attended a couple of times the EMEA version.
This year it’s going to be different for me. I joined Veeam Software few months ago, and Veeam is going to be, like in previous years, a sponsor of HP Discover. This means first of all I will attend this time also the US version of the event for the first time, and I will also have two presentations.

Test Veeam Storage Snapshots in your lab

In a previous post, I described how you can configure a virtual proxy to access an iSCSI storage, in order to test DirectSAN backups. Veeam has an additional functionality, called Storage Snapshots, that improves even more DirectSAN backups performances when you have a supported storage. I’m going to show you in this post how you can configure it in your lab.

News about HP LeftHand OS 11.0

Since last year, HP rebranded its LeftHandstorage with the new name StoreVirtual, while the hystoric name LeftHand has been left to identify its operating system. While the relase of the new 11.0 version of the software is imminent, HP has just released the new official document titled What’s new in LeftHand OS 11.0, worth a read to learn about the new upcoming features, and if you already have a StoreVirtual VSA, be able to plan the update pondering the use of the new features it brings.

Enable VASA Provider for HP Storage

In a previous post, I explained how to install and configure HP Insight Control for VMware vCenter 7.1.1 to monitor and manage an HP LeftHand storage directly inside vCenter Web Client. The HP software also adds VASA capabilities to vCenter, useful to create Storage Profiles based on effective storage capabilities directly acquired from the storage rather […]

HP Insight Control for VMware vCenter 7.1.1, installation and usage

HP has recently released the latest version of their Insight Control, numbered 7.1.1. As per the official webpage: The HP Insight Control extension for VMware vCenter Server delivers powerful HP hardware management capabilities to virtualization administrators, enabling comprehensive deployment, provisioning, monitoring, remote control and power optimization directly from the vCenter console. One of the most interesting […]