Italian VMUG User Conference. Speaker Spotlight: Cormac Hogan

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Hi all, we are almost one month away from our Italian User conferece (by the way, did you registered for it? You can do it at this link), and we can start unveiling some “tidbit” we prepared. One of the strenghts of our meetings has always been its great contents, so this time we arrange to invite some ot the best VMware guys around. We are starting this week a speaker corner, where each of them will introduce himself.

Cormac Hogan

Our first speaker will be Cormac Hogan.

VMUG-IT: Hi, would you like to introduce yourself to our VMUG IT friends?

Cormac: My name is Cormac Hogan.  I was one of the first VMware employees at the EMEA headquarters in Cork, Ireland, in April 2005, which is almost 8 years ago. Previously I worked at Sun Micro, DELL & EMC. I am married with two children, and live close to Cork city on the south coast of Ireland.

VMUG-IT: what is your actual role inside VMware?

Cormac: I am currently a senior technical marketing architect within the Cloud Infrastructure Product Marketing group at VMware. I am responsible for storage in general, with a focus on core VMware vSphere storage technologies and virtual storage. I have written a number of storage related white papers and have given numerous presentations on storage best practices and new features. I have been in technical marketing since 2011.

VMUG-IT: What are the latest technologies you are working on lately?

Cormac: The technologies I am working on are those which we tech previewed at VMworld 2012, namely Distributed Storage, Virtual Volumes and a new Flash feature for vSphere.

VMUG-IT: What do you think about VMUG in general?

Cormac: I love presenting at VMUGs and meeting customers and partners. This is an opportunity for customers to let us know directly how products and features can be improved upon, and we certainly take that feedback on board, and relay it back to our product and engineering teams for consideration.

VMUG-IT: What are you going to talk about at the Italian User Conference?

Cormac: The latest technologies that I am working on – Distributed Storage, Virtual Volumes & vFlash, and how these are setting the stage for software defined storage.

VMUG-IT: Something you would like to add?

Cormac: While my break out session is only for 45 minutes, I will be spending the whole day at the conference. If you would like to discuss anything storage related, whether it is best practice advice or some feature you would like to see added or indeed improved, please come and find me for a chat.

For those interested in the latest VMware Storage news, I blog on and You can follow me on twitter via @VMwareStorage.

VMUG-IT: Thanks Cormac!