Italian VMUG User Conference. Speaker Spotlight: Mike Laverick

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We are approaching the Italian VMUG User Conference, scheduled for 3rd April (by the way, did you register? You can do it here). Our fourth speaker we are going to introduce today is Mike Laverick.

Mike Laverick

VMUG-IT: Who are you? Could you give us a brief introduction?

Mike: I’m Mike Laverick I used to run the website, where I published many blogs, free guides and a weekly podcast. I’m now working for VMware, and I blog at I’ve worked with Vmware technologies since 2003/4, and cut my teeth on ESX 2.0 and vCenter 1.0

VMUG-IT: What is your current role within VMware?

Mike: My official job title is “Senior Cloud Infrastructure Evangelist”. I’ve yet to meet any of my Junior Evangelist to boss around, and make me cups of tea. Being an evangelist means I get to stare into the middle-distance all day long pontificating about the future. I’m joking, of course.

VMUG-IT: What are the latest technologies you are working on lately?

Mike: At the moment I’m stuck into vCloud Director 5.1. I’m planning a whole series of “design” based blogpost based on my recent attendance of the vCloud Director Design course presented by the world famous, Eric Sloof! After that I’m going to get stuck into vCloud Automation Center, which is a very hot product amongst our customers. Finally, I want to work with vCOPs more than I have in the past.

VMUG-IT: What are your opinions about VMUG?

Mike: I’ve been a long supporter of VMUGs – both as former VMUG Leader, as well as being on the speaker-circuit for the big “User Conferences” in the US. The vCommunity is life-blood of Vmware, and its one of my roles to engage with that community, and mentor people – leading that generation of people who initially started learning about vSphere, to learn more about our other technologies.

VMUG-IT: What are you going to talk about at the Italian User Conference?

Mike: I’m hoping to do two sessions – one about how I reshaped my lab environment for vCloud Director – and perhaps a second on some thoughts about DR to the Cloud.

VMUG-IT: Any other thoughts you’d like to add?

Mike: I’m really pleased to see nationwide VMUG event spring up in Italy. I’m hoping that along with the UK we see more of these national events bring together the vCommunity on a yearly basis.