New whitepaper: Veeam for VMware Cloud Providers

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This blog has been a little quite for the last couple of months, and I was only able to publish few updates and “light” topics. The reason is I’ve been (and I’m still, to be honest) occupied in writing some new technical whitepapers you will see published in the upcoming weeks and months. I really love to write this kind of content, but they are really time consuming, especially when they involve lab tests, design configurations, and in general they are more technical than business oriented. Also, after a paper is done it goes through cycles of peer reviews, error checks, and the final graphical creation of the PDF file.

In the previous days, the first of this paper ha been published by Veeam:

Veeam for VMware Cloud Providers. Achieving the best RTOs and RPOs with Veeam Backup & Replication in Multi-Tenant environments

It took me few months to create it and go through the review process, but the final document is finally available, and everyone can get it here. In the 27 pages of the document, I’ve tried to share all my experience in the service provider landscape, combined with my knowledge with Veeam solutions, to give everyone some good advices.

The paper starts with one of my preferred topics as the introduction, “the trust factor”: people often forgets Cloud Computing has, before all the technical hurdles, a mental limit that has to be overcome by users before it will become really mainstream. It then moves to pretty technical chapters, and I think the one you will like the most is “Understanding the “data pipe” to optimize backup performance”. Here I explain in details how a Veeam backup operation works, which components are involved, and how you can improve each of them to get the best achievable performances. This chapter is a good resource not only for service providers, but also for enterprise and mid-market customers, and in general whoever needs to design data protection solutions at scale.

I’m really interested in your opinions about the paper, let me know here in the comments or via other social platforms what do you think about it.