Nutanix, and the move to file storage

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I was reading lately the last news from Nutanix (you can read it yourself here), and among the other enhancement they listed, a couple of them got my attention.

When I first saw Nutanix in action (I talked about it here) I saw they where basically exporting iscsi disks from their VSA. Now, if you read the announcement, they added NFS v3 to their storage options (always backed by their redundant and distributed architecture), and they leveraged VAAI libraries also to NFS storage, since vSphere 5.0 support it.

But, the most interesting statement is in the next paragraph:

NFS/NDFS is now the preferred protocol for the Nutanix cluster

Again, another storage vendor is choosing NFS over block storage (iscsi or FC does not matter…) for virtualized environments. For years, NFS was the least preferred storage type for VMware, and everybody was telling us block storage was the way to go. We had to deal with lun lockings and other problems, while NFS was already there with none of this problems.

Now, NFS implementations seems to have closed the gaps, and more and more storage vendors are choosing it.

Will it be the new preferred storage for VMware? What you think?