Build a Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct cluster using VMware virtual machines

I’ve always been a fan of scale-out storage architecture, I’ve always said that The future of storage is Scale Out, and I’ve spent a fair amount of time studying software-only solutions like Ceph. The new solution from Microsoft, Storage Spaces Direct, seems like another great solution that will be soon available to us, so I decided to test it in my lab.

Erasure Coding: the best data protection for scaling-out?

I’ve always been a fan of scale-out storage solutions, and I’ve always preached about them.
As data is skyrocketing, the best viable way to cope with this growth is having a system that can be scaled accordingly without the pain of data migrations involving TBs of data. One of the limits of scale-out systems however has always been the data protection techniques applied to them. RAID is inefficient, replication is too expensive, so what about Erasure Coding? Is it mature enough to become the new data protection technique for storage systems?

The future of storage is Scale Out

The IT industry has always been dominated by trends. Each hystoric period has seen the raise and success of groundbraking technologies, born with the goal to solve the limits of their ancestors, by introducing new ideas, better designed for the always evolving environments.
Storage is no different. If since the ’80s the rulers have been the RAID-based monolithic arrays connected to servers via a SAN, lately new solutions are raising, with different ideas but also some common features.

Il futuro dello storage è Scale Out

L’informatica è da sempre dominata dalle tendenze. Ogni periodo storico ha visto affiorare ed affermarsi tecnologie rivoluzionarie, che avevano l’obiettivo di risolvere i limiti oramai raggiunti dalle tecnologie precedenti, introducendo nuovi concetti maggiormente adatti alle nuove sopraggiunte situazioni.
Il mercato dello storage non è differente, e se dagli anni ’80 in poi gli storage monolitici condivisi tramite SAN e dotati di sistemi di ridondanza RAID l’hanno fatta da padrone, ultimamente si stanno affacciando sul mercato soluzioni differenti, ma che hanno tutte in comune alcune caratteristiche fondamentali.