Quick fix: install manually the Veeam Service Provider Console agent on Cloud Connect server

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After I upgraded my lab to Veeam Service Provider Console v4, for some unknown reason we are still investigating, the management agent that was automatically deployed in one of the remote Veeam Cloud Connect servers I have was not answering anymore:

After a quick investigation, I realized that the Veeam Management Agent Service was not available among the windows services of the Cloud Connect server.

As you can see from the previous screenshot, there is no command to force the reinstall of the agent, also because once it’s not reachable, it doesn’t make much sense to have this option.

But there’s a way to install it manually.

The console allows users to grab the management agent directly from the console itself and to install it, either using the wizard or by scripting it. I’ve shown a way to do it in this post: Veeam Availability Console and agent automatic installation. The installer is the same for every system that is going to be connected to the console, be it a workstation, a server or even a Cloud Connect server. For this last type however, the installer has to be executed with some specific options. This is explained in the userguide: https://helpcenter.veeam.com/docs/vac/deployment/silent_install_agent.html?ver=40.

There’s a parameter called VAC_MANAGEMENT_AGENT_TYPE that has to be set to 3 to install the agent on a Cloud Connect server. The script can be something like this:

msiexec.exe /qn /i "VAC.CommunicationAgent.x64.msi" ACCEPT_THIRDPARTY_LICENSES="1" ACCEPT_EULA="1" VAC_MANAGEMENT_AGENT_TYPE="3" VAC_SERVER_NAME="vac.virtualtothecore.local" VAC_CERT_THUMBPRINT="028EC0FB60A7EBA9B140FCD1553061AF991A7FDE"

Note that my VSPC server has a .local domain because the two sites are connected via a VPN link, so I use the fqdn of the server, not the name as it appears from internet.

Once the script is completed, the service is installed in the machine, and the tray icon of the agent shows the connection as working:

If I check in the console itself, I now see the Cloud Connect server properly connected:

You can notice that there is no data in the column “agent deployment” about vbr.vcc.local, the server where I reinstalled the agent; this is because I did it manually. But the main point is that its status is finally active, and the last heartbeat happened a few seconds ago, as it should be.