Reconfigure NSX to allow vCloud Director to create Org networks

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I was lately rebuilding my personal lab, and one of the components I migrated was vCloud Director. At first, it seemed that everything was correctly configured, but as soon as I started to deploy some components, I faced the first issue. Since this is a stupid error that may pop up again for other people, I figured out it would be easy to blog about it for future readers.
In my lab, I deployed vSphere 6.5, NSX 6.3 and vCloud Director 8.20. I’m not sure if this error may surface with other combinations. After I deployed and configured all the different components, I created my first VCD Organization and their first Virtual Datacenter. Inside it, I went to create the first Org Network; I decided to make it a routed network, so that thanks to an NSX Edge appliance, this network would have allowed the hosted virtual machines to reach the Internet.
But as soon as the creation of the Org Network started, I faced this error:
The relevant parts of the log that I used to find a solution were:
"Cannot deploy organization VDC network"
"Make sure vShield Manager infrastructure is properly configured and there are segment IDs available."
Especially the second message led me to the solution, by searching on the VMware communities forum. The error lies in the NSX transport zones configuration apparently; they are configured by default as Multicast:
so, also the one I specifically created for vCloud Director was configured as such. But in order to be used by vCloud Director, this must be changed to Unicast or Hybrid:
After changing the Transport Zone mode to Unicast, I went back to vCloud Director and tried again to create my new isolated network. This time, the operation completed successfully:
I also created a routed network that I needed, and both networks showed up correctly in both vCloud Director and in the underlying vSphere:
I hope this short post will help others facing the same problem.