StarWind Software rilascia il suo Software iSCSI SAN con Asynchronous HA

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Disclaimer: questo è un Comunicato Stampa che ricevo da StarWind Software.

StarWind Software, a global leader in storage virtualization and a pioneer in iSCSI storage, today announced the release of StarWind 5.7, an iSCSI SAN software platform which turns any industry-standard x86 or x64 Windows server into a fail-safe, fault-tolerant storage device that will be continuously available even in the event of failure.

The latest software release is the first step to turn HA (High Availability) to a new architecture. The main innovation of StarWind 5.7 is that HA targets are now working in asynchronous mode and this greatly affects its performance. Also, HA targets can be grouped together for greater convenience.

A second substantial addition is the implementation of QoS. Now, users have the ability to choose any traffic and give it the priority status directly from the interface. Data Deduplication that allows substantial disk space savings, reduces storage requirements, and improves bandwidth efficiency, was also modified. Now, it is possible to use blocks from 512b up to 256kb.

Other StarWind 5.7 innovations include: a performance monitor that allows a view of the total server load, the number of IOPS and MB per second, a snapshot manager that allows management, delete, and split snapshots directly from the interface.

In addition, it is possible now to use multiple iSCSI sessions to optimize channel utilization.

“The release of StarWind 5.7 is a sequential step in development of iSCSI SAN solution,” said Artem Berman, Chief Executive Officer of StarWind Software. “Nowadays our customers require cost-effective solutions for high availability and continuous data access. StarWind 5.7 meets these requirements while providing optimized performance and efficiency to organizations regardless of their size and demands.”

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