GridStore, a storage dedicated to Windows

I’ve been invited to Storage Field Day 4 in San Josè, California. One of the vendors I met has been GridStore.
GridStore is located in Mountain View, CA, and has been founded in 2009. They have a precise focus for their product: their main customers are small and medium companies, that use physical Windows servers or Hyper-V systems. The idea of their solution is to separate storage capacity from performances. The solution is divided into two components, a scale-out storage, made with different hardware models, and a “Virtual Controller” that can be installed in any Windows system, regardless it’s physical, virtual or the hypervisor.

Storage Field Day 4: CloudByte

I’ve been invited as a delegate at Storage Field Day 4 in San Josè, California. The first vendor we met was CloudByte.
CloudByte is a company partly indian and partly american, with offices both in Bangalore and Cupertino. Their main product is ElastiStor: it’s a software only solution able to transform a server with some local storage (or connected to a remote storage) in a storage array. Several ElastiStor machines can be connected together to form a distributed, scale-out storage.