Social media automation, how to save time with Zapier (and say godbye to IFTTT)

Managing all the social media I’m involved in takes time, that’s for sure.
In the previous months, I started to use IFTTT: it has a nice interface, and it’s super easy to create a new “recipe”, that is the name used to describe a new automation task. IFTTT has another great advantage in being completely free, but for my use it quickly showed its limits. Two of the biggest ones are the limit to one account per supported service and the lack of support for common services like the ability to post to Linkedin groups. Meanwhile, IFTTT is adding support for tons of “weird” and niche services while the lack of complete support for the common services like those I described before goes on…
I decided to give a try to Zapier, and I quickly realized it’s a far better tool than IFTTT for my needs!