European telco, data roaming, and a great lesson from T-Mobile

Europe is comparable, by surface and population, to United States of America, even more since it was somehow unified under the European Community. “Somehow”, because regardless the long-time efforts at the end we only have a common currency, the Euro. And it’s not even used in all the european countries…
Data roaming problems are well known to european citizens, and regardless the efforts from the European Commission, we are far away from a solution. Yet, a great lesson is coming from the USA from T-Mobile, and it show us how the european telco could already solve those problems, if they would like to better serve their customers instead of squeezing their wallets.

vOpenData: share statistics about your VMware infrastructures!

vOpenData is an open community project that grew from the question “What is the average VMDK size for deployed virtual machines?” We wanted to create an open community database that is purely driven by users submitting their virtual infrastructure configurations. Leveraging the powerful virtualization community and applying simple analytics they want to be able to […]