Solve all your Apple Mail problems… with Airmail

If you are an Apple user like me, obviously you use an email application, and probably it’s Apple Mail. Yes, there are other applications like Microsoft Outlook for example, but Mail is directly available for free in Mac OS X, and in the past has used to be damn good, while Outlook for example is still suffering some problems like the frequent corruption (and needed rebuilt) of its database.
Well, you probably are also really aware that the latest versions of Mail are not that good to say the least, instead they have become worse and worse, especially if you use Gmail or an Exchange Server.

Pre-emptively enable HotAdd/HotPlug of a VM

It happens often to have to do maintenance on Virtual Machines bacause of an exhaustion of computing resources. A web server with many more visitors than those predicted when it was sized, a database server with newly added application, there are many examples. In thse situations, a sysadmin schedules the activity on the virtual machine […]

Generare carico di lavoro in una VM

Avevo parlato in un precedente post di un trucco velocissimo per mandare la CPU al 100% e verificare in questo modo il funzionamento di DRS. Sebbene pratico e veloce, questo metodo stressa unicamente il processore. Se dovessimo invece avere bisogno di un sistema per caricare sia la CPU che la memoria di un VM, ci […]