Scale-Out Backup Repository is coming in Veeam Availability Suite v9

A new species of Backup Repository is coming from Veeam: Scale-Out Backup Repository. With it, users will be able to simplify backup job management, improve backup performance, and spend less on backup storage. Veeam’s new Scale-out Backup Repository delivers these benefits by providing an abstraction layer over individual storage devices, effectively creating a single virtual pool of backup storage to which you can assign backup jobs, and offering the freedom to easily extend capacity as needed by simply adding additional storage devices into the existing pool.

Me too!

Whenever a new technology is launched, there is (almost everytime) a clear inventor of it, the one who first had the idea in his/her mind and was able to make it something real. As soon as others discover and study this technology, they take the original idea and use it for their own purposes, with or without improving it. Sometimes those second comers add the same feature into their own feature list, in a way that can be called “me too”. Is there any value in a “me too” situation?