A new server for my lab

My Lab is built basically as a production environment: it has 3 * 1RU Rack servers, gigabit switches and a couple of iSCSI/NFS Storage array. It nothing as a home lab, it’s noisy and it consume a good amount of electricity. I was lucky enough to have a good friend with some free space in his racks inside a datacenter, and he’s hosting my hardware gear for free. As time goes by however my hardware is becoming old and start to show its limits. At some point, I decided it was time for a hardware refresh.

Home vLab: my new WhiteBox

I analyzed in a previous article which alternatives are available while designing our own home lab for VMware, and I ended up choosing the WhiteBox way. In the following weeks I looked through the products on the market, in order to find my own solution. I need to say thanks to my friend Luca Roman, co-owner of runstore.it, […]

Home VLab: il mio nuovo WhiteBox

Ho raccontato in un precedente articolo quali possibili alternative abbiamo a disposizione nel realizzare il nostro laboratorio casalingo per VMware, e di come avessi deciso di perseguire la strada del WhiteBox. Nelle settimane successive mi sono quindi dedicato all’analisi di cosa fosse disponibile sul mercato, al fine di trovare una soluzione a me congeniale. Devo […]