Out of your private club

Have you ever met someone who comes to you, and asks you “what do you do?”. Except your parents and friends (to them, I say “I work with computers”, it’s hard to explain them what I do…), I’m pretty sure it doesn’t happens really often, isn’t it? We meet prospects, customers, competitors, work friends, and even with all the existing differences, we all work in the same market. but when you meet, like I did, a guy who works with wordpress, and barely knows about the servers running his websites, it a great challenge to explain him what my company does.

Has Flash PCIe market reached the peak?

Whenever there is a new idea, a new movement, a new music style, any new thing in any aspect of life, we can observe more or less the same timelines during its lifecylce. These days, I’m starting to see the same traits in the Flash PCIe market.
At the beginning there is the explosion of a new market. Someone launches a new technology (or it can be a new music genre, this example works in different areas), and suddenly a completely new market has born. They had an idea, they identified a new need from customers, or the same need that could have been solved in a different and better way. In this case, the bottleneck created by old bus connectors like SATA and SAS were preventing the complete use of insanely fast Flash memories. By connecting the same memories directly into the PCIe bus, that bottleneck was removed and customer could experience better performances.