Storage vMotion error: the method is disabled

I recently upgraded the storage section in a customer’s vSphere environment, by adding a new and more powerful SAN. Since customer had VMware licenses with Storage vMotion, we started moving the several virtual machines he had towards the new storage, without obviously shutting them down. In a couple of virtual machines, migration task was not […]

Errore in Storage vMotion: the method is disabled

Ho recentemente aggiornato la parte storage di un’infrastruttura vSphere presso un cliente, installando una SAN più performante. Essendo il cliente dotato di licenze vSphere che comprendono Storage vMotion, ho provveduto a spostare le varie virtual machine dal vecchio al nuovo storage senza interrompere l’attività delle VM stesse. In un paio di virtual machine, l’operazione di […]

Veeam backup methods and the impact on destination storage I/O

Veeam Backup & Replication allows users to choose among several different backup methods to fit their need. Each method has its own strenghs and weeknesses, and there is always a tradeoff between used space on the backup storage and the amount of activity (both from the cpu and the IOPS generated on the storage) required to complete the backup.
However, backup designers often evaluate only the used space, keeping low attention on the impact each chosen method has on destination backup I/O. This is fundamental in the choice of the backup appliance so that backup times do not go over the desired backup window.
We will analyze in this paper the available methods and their pros and cons. We will assume standard disk storage is used; different analysis may be required if deduplication storage appliances or other different systems are used.