Some notes from VMworld 2015

I’ve waited a week after VMworld ended in San Francisco before writing this post: there were too many blog posts from every blogger trying to cover any new announcement like a newspaper, and with the addition of news collected directly from the Expo Floor, sessions I’ve attended and other sources, the amount of info to digest required a bit of time. This post is not a recap of the event, just the things that I’ve seen and I found interesting. If something is not here, it may be that I’ve missed it rather than don’t liking it.

News about HP LeftHand OS 11.0

Since last year, HP rebranded its LeftHandstorage with the new name StoreVirtual, while the hystoric name LeftHand has been left to identify its operating system. While the relase of the new 11.0 version of the software is imminent, HP has just released the new official document titled What’s new in LeftHand OS 11.0, worth a read to learn about the new upcoming features, and if you already have a StoreVirtual VSA, be able to plan the update pondering the use of the new features it brings.

My experience at VMworld US 2013

I’m back since few days from VMworld 2013 in San Francisco, and as usual I’m slowly starting to “digest” the huge amount of news I received. Among the several announcements from VMware itself and those from almost every partner at the event, is hard to choose what to select and what to ignore. This year I completely […]