Can you clone a VM replicated by Veeam?

Veeam Backup & Replication has always had since its first version the possibility to replicate VMs, together with the backup capabilities. Once a VM is replicated in a secondary site, it could become a great resource for additional activities: from automated recovery tests (called SureReplica in Veeam) to become also the source for cloning activities. Data are already locally saved, there is no need to retrieve anything else from the source site, so any operation is quick an easy. Are there any informations we should be aware of in doing these operations? Let’s find it out.

Veeam Backup Cloud Edition: a price analysis

Disclaimer: I did this analysis based on the price list available in Switzerland, where I work. I hope and believe that the proportions between the various products are comparable in other countries, however, check with your dealer. With the release of Veeam Backup Cloud Edition, Veeam introduced not only a new version of its flagship product, but for […]

17.02.2012: Webinar Veeam sulle Repliche con la mia partecipazione

Dalle 10.30 alle 11.30, il 17 Febbraio prossimo sarò ospite di un Webinar organizzato da Veeam. Parleremo di “Replica avanzata su connessioni a banda limitata”, e cercheremo di dare utili indicazioni a chi deve realizzare queste procedure di backup in condizioni di connettività ridotta, come ahime in Italia spesso capita. Per partecipare, registratevi a questo […]