Service providers ARE NOT large companies

I heard lately many presentations about virtualization solutions, being them orchestration solutions, or storage, networking or soemthing else, and the vendors selling them have a usual phrase “this product is designed for large companies AND service providers”. The underlying idea, coming from vendors thinking at both use cases for their products, is that a large companies is completely comparable to a service provider. At first, the thought is correct, but there is a significant difference that ultimately makes this thinking wrong.

The future of storage is Scale Out

The IT industry has always been dominated by trends. Each hystoric period has seen the raise and success of groundbraking technologies, born with the goal to solve the limits of their ancestors, by introducing new ideas, better designed for the always evolving environments.
Storage is no different. If since the ’80s the rulers have been the RAID-based monolithic arrays connected to servers via a SAN, lately new solutions are raising, with different ideas but also some common features.