Using AWS Simple Email Service (SES) as an SMTP relay for different software solutions

Many software solutions allow for sending reports, warnings, alarms and many other communications via email. This is a great feature to keep track of what’s happening to your installations without having to log into all of them, but having an email server at our disposal these days is not so common anymore. that’s what happened to me last week, and since I was tired to use my personal Gmail account to send myself emails, I decided it was time to find a different solution and to test AWS SES.

Amazon Simple Email Services

Continua imperterrita la corsa di Amazon al rilascio di continui nuovi servizi cloud. Questa volte è il turno di SES, acronimo di Simple Email Service. Come il nome fa suggerire, è un servizio invocabile via API per la spedizione di email, partendo da sistemi EC2. Esattamente come gli altri servizi si paga per quello che […]