Migrate from VMware tools to open-vm-tools in CentOS

In 2012 I wrote a blog post that became really popular: Installing VMware tools on Centos 6 via yum. Few years forward, and today the preferred tools are the open sourced ones available natively in many linux package managers. So, some may think to switch from one version to the other one for their existing virtual machines. That’s what I’ve done in some of my virtual machines, and here is the process.

My adventures with Ceph Storage. Part 10: Upgrade the cluster

As any existing software, Ceph is subject to minor and major releases. My entire series of posts has been realized using version Giant (0.87), but by the time I completed the series, Hammer (0.94) was released. Note that Ceph, as other linux softwares, uses a major release naming scheme based on the letter of the alphabet, so Giant is the 7th major release. Ceph releases both minor and major versions of the software, so it’s important to know how to upgrade it.

Aggiornare vCenter 5.1 con le patch 5.1.0a

Ho recentemente aggiornato vCenter e i suoi vari componenti con le ultime patch rilasciate e numerate 5.1.0a Questo post breve vuole ricapitolare i passi necessari per completare l’aggiornamento. scaricate la ISO di vCenter 5.1.0a e connettetela a vCenter. Se aveto separato i componenti su server differenti, usate la ISO sui server corrispondente ad ogni passaggio. […]