Restore a single VMDK using Veeam Instant VM Recovery

Instant VM Recovery is one of the coolest feature of Veeam Backup & Replication. Regardless of the size of a VM, it allows to have it back in production and running in few minutes, because it’s not actually copied back into the production datastore, but directly executed from a backup file. It’s main use is to restore completely broken or lost VMs, but what if you want to restore a single VMDK, maybe because the original VM is fine and you only need one of its virtual disks? usually, a disk restore would require a complete binary restore into the production datastore, and if the disk is quite large it can take some time. What if you would be able to use Instant VM Recovery also for a single VMDK, instead of having to remove the old VM and swap it with the new one?

vmdk orfani?

Avete una Lun quasi piena, e verificando in vcenter ci sono pochissime VM presenti su quella lun? C’è una buona probabilità che abbiate dei vmdk orfani, ovvero dischi virtuali non più connessi a nessuna VM, magari perchè rimossi dall’inventario ma non cancellati dai dischi. Come fare a scovarli e rimuoverli? Collegatevi alla service console e […]