Veeam Backup 5.0.2

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Il 1 di Aprile è solitamente giornata di scherzi e burle.

Nell’ambiente Veeam, sicuramente tra le meglio riuscite è Anton Gostev che ha annunciato di essere in procinto di passare a Google, con tanto di gente che su twitter e linkedin si spellava le mani nell’augurargli buona fortuna!!!

Antov invece ha segnalato la nuova versione di Veeam Backup, e questa notizia è vera. Si tratta di una minor release con alcuni bugfix, tre le quali:

• Internet access from virtual lab. SureBackup virtual labs now provide an optional internet access from fenced-off environment. This enables using On-Demand Sandbox for additional use cases, such as more streamlined patch or software upgrade testing. Internet access is disabled by default, and must be configured through new registry parameters on the Veeam B&R server.
• Automated retention for removed and deleted VMs. Data belonging to removed or deleted VMs will now be automatically cleaned up from backup files according to new UI retention setting in days. Previously, it was necessary to remove such VMs from backup manually to explicitly confirm that VM data is no longer needed.
• Optional catalog import. Guest file system catalog import was made optional to reduce the time required to import backup in cases when importing catalog data is not required. The corresponding option has been added to the Import Backup dialog.
• Date Modified attribute preservation. Instant file level restore for Microsoft Windows guests now preserves Date Modified attribute on all restored files.
• Microsoft Windows Storage Server support. You can now install backup server and Enterprise Manager servers directly on your Microsoft Windows Storage Server.

Questa ultima in particolare è molto interessante, perchè permette finalmente di realizzare delle appliance prefatte per i backup.

One thought on “Veeam Backup 5.0.2

  1. Veeam is presently working on a current release of Veeam Backup & Replication. The new release (5.0.2) will mostly have bugfixes and not many additional features.

    On the other hand, one fascinating latest feature seems to be added and it has something to do with virtual labs. Virtual labs is utilized for the SureBackup technology. Virtual machine backups are begun in an isolated network to confirm if they can be booted and if the purpose is running. One of the means which can be utilized by using virtual labs and running virtual machines from backup is On-demand sandbox. Using on-demand sandbox virtual machines can be run from backup to test hotfixes, application updates etc.

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