Veeam Backup 6.1 Patch 1 is out: some notes

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On august 15 Veeam has released the first patch for Veeam Backup & Replication 6.1. The new build is numbered, and to install it you need to have already in place the 6.1 version ( At this address:

you can check the release notes and download the patch. Apart from the usual fixes you can expect from a patch, I would like to highlight some improvements:

“Increased synthetic full transformation, and reverse incremental backup performance (up to a few times depending on backup storage)”. For sure transform operations and reverse incremental are heavy on the I/O of the backup storage, and this new version has now speeded up both. You can expect better results now, and if you used forward incremental in the past due to poor storage performances, maybe is time to reconsider you backup settings and save on disk space by converting jobs to one of those options.

“Processing engine should now be much more tolerant to network packet loss.” Veeam Backup has always been really sensible to network problems, requiring stable connections especially when running backups or replications via WAN links. In those situations, jobs would eventually fail. Now the software is much more robust and che use even more unreliable links.

“Added PowerShell cmdlet for VeeamZIP operation.” Just a quick note on this: Powershell is only available on paid version of the software, so you would always need a valid license to use this feature, even if VeeamZIP is a free tool.

“Increased certain network-less application aware processing timeouts to make it work more reliably with applications requiring longer time to perform VSS quiescence.” This is a good improvement to backup intensive Microsoft workloads like SQL, SharePoint or Exchange server.

Finally, a note about the patch bits. There has been notes in the forum right after its release about a problem with some proxies configuration: if you have servers with unused nics, the patch would disconnect the proxy giving you the error “Wrong IP address”. The quick workaround was to disable unused nics. Veeam has re-released the patch today with a correction to this bug, so be sure to download the latest version of the patch.

If you already downloaded the first version ( download it again and apply the patch over the first one.

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