Veeam Backup & Replication: Job stuck in Stopping state?

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I’ve seen recently a fair amount of search about this topic in my blog, so I decided to write a quick post about it.

It can happen for several reasons you need to interrupt a job in Veeam Backup & Replication. Veeam initiate the stopping procedure, and for a certain amount of time you see the state is “stopping”:

Veeam stopping a Job

Sometimes, seems at first sight the stop is not working, as the Status is always Stopping even for several hours. If you think there is something not working in Veeam, check again!

When you ask Veeam to stop a job, the first goal is to leave the vSphere infrastructure in a consistent state. So, since the backup job has started with a snapshot of the VM you wanted to be saved, before thinking it could be a problem, look at the vCenter console:

vCenter is removing a snapshot as requested by veeam

You could find out, as in my example, vCenter is simply removing the snapshot, as requested by Veeam. If the snapshot commit is taking a huge amount of time, during this time frame the Job in Veeam will remain in the Stopping state.

Finally, if you look at the example, the snapshot removal has been initiated by a user called “veeam”: if you use a dedicated user to connect Veeam to vCenter, you will always be able to check which activities belong to Veeam Backup.


[This post was originally written by Luca Dell’Oca, and published on the blog ]