VeeamON 2014, the recorded sessions are online

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It was just a month ago I attended at the first Veeam Conference ever, VeeamON 2014.

The event has been a huge milestone for the company, and it was a complete success. As in any technical conference, I do think and believe one of the biggest reasons of its success is the technical content it offers: partners and customers come to an event investing money for flight and hotel to better learn about a given technology, listen to experts in order to have a deeper knowledge on specific topics, and interact with the same experts (and peers too) to exchange opinions, questions, ideas both for the existing solutions as for future directions.

VeeamON 2014 was all of this, and at the end we had 55 sessions. I was involved in the content management team, and I think we ended up with a good set of presentations covering many many topics of modern availability. I was personally involved in 4 of these presentations, 3 of mine and one with Todd Mace from PernixData. All of them were a great pleasure to be done, and I got a great interaction with the attendees.

Now, some of these resources are freely available on the VeeamON website. You can see the keynote and the Top 5 presentations (based on the votes of the attendees) here:

There is also one of my presentations “Multi-tenancy: Roles, scopes and encryption in Veeam Enterprise Manager”, so thanks to everyone who appreciated it and gave me enough votes to appear into this selection!!

As in other conferences, all other sessions are not freely available, but if you attended the event you should have received by now instruction for logging in and access all content here: The event days were really packed and I know people would have liked to attend more sessions, as I would. Each of us had to choose which one to attend and those to skip; now you have the opportunity to see them all again.

Finally, if you are Veeam partner, exceptionally for VeeamON 2014 you can see all the sessions too, even if you didn’t attended the event. Go to the ProPartner Portal and follow the links to VeeamON presentations.

Enjoy more than 50 hours of Veeam great resources!

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  1. Sounds good. I had a look around propartner portal but cant find any links to it. Do you have a direct link to the page that’s inside the portal?

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