VeeamON 2015 officially announced

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When last VeeamON conference was over, in October 2014, one thing was missing after such a great event: any indication like “See you next here in {city}, {start-date / end-date}. VeeamON was a new event in the market, and Veeam waited a bit to plan for the second year. Especially the attendance was a great result, and the immediate consequence was that The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, even if one of the greatest venue I’ve personally ever been, was not enough anymore to hold the expected attendance for the following year.

So, Veeam simply has crossed the street, literally! VeeamON 2015 has just been announced, and it will be held in the Aria Resort hotel, still in Las Vegas, and across the street from the Cosmopolitan. Feedbacks I heard when I was in Vegas is that it’s another great location.

I’m expecting great things also for the second edition of VeeamON: attendance will surely grow, and from 1500 attendees I personally expect to break the 2000 mark. I hope I’ll be involved again in the content creation for the tech sessions, I had a great fun in doing it last year and as I always wrote, even internally, the technical content is supreme in such conferences. And since we had a great feedback on the sessions from last year, we have to keep up the quality to that level!

Finally, people will have even more time to attend the conference, since the VMCE training will still be available, at discounted price, but it will take place “before” the actual conference. People will not have anymore to choose between the training or the tech sessions. This was something I pushed a lot in internal feedback after the previous event, and I’m so glad it was changed!

So, as things are starting to roll and Veeam will release more and more details as time goes by, and we will work on the agenda, here are some informations for you:

VeeamON 2015 preregistration site is officially live here.

When: 26-29 October 2015

Where: Aria Resort & Casino, Las Vegas

If you are planning to come, or even better to submit and present a user session, let me know, I’ll be happy to help. Or if you simply have ideas about topics you would like to listen to during the sessions, post a comment here or write me.

PS: oh, by the way, there will surely be one of the usual great Veeam parties there, don’t worry!