VMUG.IT Hands-On Day

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During the just finished VMUG.IT Meeting, we announced this new initiative.



A full-day lab where a single vendor, maybe a startup or a niche player that would not have a great visibility during large distributors’ events, has the possibility to show its VMware-related solution, and allow the attendees to test it live.

The event is technical-oriented, and the limit of one vendor-one solution is a key to have attendees really interested in the solution.



– For the vendor: many startup and niche vendors do not often have the right visibility during main distributors’ events, especially in foreign countries like Italy, far away from their headquarters.

This format give them the possibility, with a small investment, to have a highly qualified audience that can highlight the showcased solution; among vmug members there are bloggers, high profile’s consultants, vcdx and vexperts. To satisfy them about vendors’ quality is the first step to make it be known to a wider audience.


– For attendees: not everybody can attend VMWorld, not even they can test some kind of solutions without buying them. VMUG.IT Hands-On Day allows the attendees to have a direct contact with these solutions, and to talk with the vendors’ engineers and sales reps, and at the same time with other VMware users to share ideas and opinions. A single product per session also allows attendees to choose if they are willing to attend.



– for the vendor: the lab should be mainly technical. Vendor is welcome to bring its product, better if installed locally in the event’s location, and come with its technicians and pre-sales representatives. Every further material it wants to bring is more than welcome, even marketing stuff.

– for the attendees: you need to be registered to Italian VMUG. events’ admittance is done following registrations’ order. The event has limited seats, and there will be a waiting list. Everybody who got a seat but is not going to attend, is kindly requested to give back his seat so we can register someone else from the waiting list.



There is no planned frequency. Based on vendors’ proposals and interest from VMUG members, every time we will organize a specific session.



Everybody is more than welcome to propose new sessions, both vendors and VMUG members. VMUG board, represented by Luca Dell’Oca, will be in charge of managing VMUG.IT Hands-On Day.

For further info, write to luca.delloca (at) moresi.com


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