VMware View and Microsoft VDA

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I found this post on the VMware community I would like to share with you:

Here is the question we posed to Alexander R. Vasilakos, West Region Lead, Telephone Partner Account Manager (TPAM) Microsoft Corporation powered by Tech Data:

“I do not own a Microsoft OS license. I have a laptop running Linux. I purchase a VDA license. As part of that VDA license, Micosoft gives me a volume license key to install Windows 7 in a VDI environment so I can connect to the virtual Windows 7 machine using my Linux laptop.

Is the above accurate? Does purchasing a VDA license give me a license to install Windows 7 in a virtual machine?”

His Response:

“You are correct, purchasing a VDA licenses give you the rights and keys to install a copy of Windows 7 in a virtual desktop environment hosted on a server. As long as you have a program to connect to that virtual environment on your Linux desktop such as VMware View or Microsoft VDI the VDA licenses is all you would need for that scenario.”

Finally a clear answer to the VDA/Thin Clients issue. This means you do not need to own the Windows OS separate from the VDA license. The VDA license gives you the Windows OS license to run in a VDI environment.