VMware View: useful links

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While preparing my first View projects coming in the next months, I collected some links in this dedicated page.

List is going to be updated, extended and modified in the future, so come back here from time to time to check.



How to license Microsoft Windows 7 for VMware View deployments by Edwin Weijdema

vSphere Desktop Licensing Overview, what you need to know to use other VDI solutions over vSphere 5


Design And Planning:

VDI calculator by Andre Leibovici, wonderful tool for sizing a View project

VDI Protocol Calculator by Andre Leibovici, another tool to calculate bandwidth usage of View clients

Bandwidth requirement of the Teradici HW Zeros by vJohnDoe, be careful when using Teradici chipset on wan connections


Install and Configure:

Part 1. Vmware View 4.6 – View Composer Installation by SysAdmins Tutorials

Part 2. Vmware View 4.6 – View Connection Server Installation by SysAdmins Tutorials

Part 3. Vmware View 4.6 – View Agent Installation by SysAdmins Tutorials

Part 4. Vmware View 4.6 – Connection Server Setup? by SysAdmins Tutorials

Part 5. VMware View 4.6 – Establishing a connection to a View Desktop? by SysAdmins Tutorials

VMware View 4.6 PCoIP Remote Access by Marc Benson



VMware View PCoIP on Ubuntu How to by Eiad Al-Aqqad

The Linux PCoIP client from HP by vJohnDoe

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