VMweird, Tales from the Virtualization Crypt!

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In twitter chat I had some weeks ago, we had one of the recurring rants about our day-by-day activities, silly requests by customers, boring meetings, and other stuff we deal with in our work, and we felt the need for a website to share our stories.
Each of us has collected weird stories and anecdotes in years, but the problem is always the same: when we try to tell them to our friends, we laugh while they look at us like we are mad. None of them knows about vmotion, virtual switches, datastores, snapshots…

I created this website right for this! It’s a meeting place for guys working in the Virtualization fields, to meet other like us and share the fun by telling your stories and have a laugh reading from others.

Have you ever been in a weird situation you have always wanted to tell to other people, but none of your friend understand when you talk? Here you will find people like you who understand you, your fun, and your rants.

The website will be made by its own readers: everybody can register and post his/her own tale, comments on others’ stories, cast votes to create a hall of fame of the best posts. We only give you few rules following the “Hate the sin,Love the sinner” idea.

Welcome to VMweird, I hope you will enjoy your stay.