VMworld 2013: public vote for sessions is open (and mine is 5141)

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Like every year, it’s time for voting for the sessions of the next VMWorld 2013. VMware just published the list of all the submitted sessions, and each of you can vote for them and help them to be approved. Voting will be open until 6th May, and even if public vote is not the only criteria for the final selection, it will surely help.

Even if this year there has been a drop in the number of session submission, the number of sessions is anyway almost a thousand, and so it’s really hard to choose which one you prefer, scrolling the list and have a look at all the presentations is a cumbersome task.

This year I decided to submit a session, and since it’s not among the first ones, I would like to help you to find it out :):

My Session Proposal 5141 for VMworld 2013

And this is the complete abstract. If it sounds interesting, vote it; if it will not pass the selection, I will publish it anyway in the future via vBrownbags or other ways.

Title A Multi-Tiered approach to Data Protection for virtualized environments
Abstract SSD and Flash storage are rapidly changing the storage landscape in virtualized environments. By mixing different technologies, each with their own performances and prices, virtualization designers can create several storage layers to accomodate virtualized workloads based on their performances and availability requirements, and at the same time guarantee an adequate TCO without over-priced storage solutions.

But what about storage for Data Protection?

In the past, tape has been the only available solution, thanks to its unbeatable price per Gigabyte. But in more and more situations tape has failed in guaranteeing Data Protection SLAs for the most demanding workloads. Thanks to the evolution of production storage, many improvements have been ported also to backup storage, so we are now able to design well-structured and flexible data protection solutions, capable to satisfy even the most demanding RTO and RPO requirements.

We will explore the different types of solutions available, when we can use them and when they are useless, and how we can combine each of them in a multi-tiered Data Protection solution, in order to sum their own strenghts and minimize their weaknesses.
Tracks Infrastructure
Subtracks Business Continuity
Area of Interest  
Technical Level Technical