Vuemuer now speaks english

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Hi all!
Vuemuer is growing, every month users increase, so that I was forced during my little break to move this website on a more powerful server.

I’ve seen in the Google Analytics logs the I get several visitors from places not speaking in Italian. Probably they are attracted by search keywords, and I fear those users get away disappointed by articles they cannot understand.

Google Translate is really helpful, but I think it’s even better to have posts available both in italian and english.

Starting today, Italian will still be the main language of this blog, but you will also find every post also written in english!

This will require for sure further effort, but I’m sure it will be worth.
If I will have some spare time, I hope to translate also some of my older posts, at least the most read.

See ya soon!
And a big Welcome to my new english readers.