Whiteboard Fridays (on Wednesday): How to properly size your backup repository

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I’m in the USA in these days, and part of my activities has been to stop by our Atlanta offices, I had a couple of meetings there, but the main reason has been to attend as a guest to the Whiteboard Fridays. For those who don’t know what they are, these are live transmissions from the Atlanta offices, hosted by Jose Mendoza and Shawn Lieu plus some guests that join them from time to time, and the topics are usually deeply technical, and there is an extensive use of whiteboarding. No slidedecks, no recorded video, only a whiteboard and a pen.

When we met a couple of months ago, we decided with Jose to try a new format: since Friday 2 pm in Eastern US means late evening in Europe, many european attendants are basically already into their weekends, and they had to stay in the office late or connect from home to see the episodes, instead of going out to celebrate the weekend with a dinner or a beer. That’s why we decided to try a Whiteboard Wednesdays.

And to start the new version, we decided to talk about a usually hot topic among Veeam Backup & Replication users: sizing a backup repository. There are many guys asking for help, since they are in doubt of what are the parameters and architecture decisions you usually need to take into account in order to design a proper repository.

And that’s what we did! In an hour or so, I filled multiple times the whiteboards with numbers, calculations, results, and I (try at my best to) explain how you should go into a customer when you are asked to size a new backup repository. I hope the presentation was useful, so after you watch the recorded video, let me know if it was good enough.

You can see the video directly here: