[EN] #VMworld #BCO3334: SRM Future Product Directions: Cloud-Based DR

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This session, hosted by Bryan Evans (Product Manager, BCDR, VMware, Inc.) and Craig McLellan (CTO, Hosting.com) has been focused on the evolution of SRM. We heard of the new functions of the 5.0 version (vSphere Based Replication, Automatic FailBack…) as some of the new ones we are supposed to have in the future.

Next releases of SRM will allow to have not only a Protected Site and a DR Site, but to manage in a seamless way the move of VMs between sites, becoming a  complete Site Manager. There will be no more the concept of DR, and we will start to talk about BC (business continuity). We will be able to move VM between sites, and those sites could be without difference private clouds, or public clouds (based on vCloud).

Other idea VMware is working on are for example Desktop DR e Cloud DR. While the former is by now only an idea, the latter has been announced as “near in the future” and will alow some use cases as shown during the session:

– DR “toward” vCloud (DRaaS): a vSphere user will be able to use a vDC on Vcloud as his target for Disater Recovery, buying/renting the service from a Cloud Provider

– DR “between” different vCloud Director: this is even more fascinating, and will allow to move vApp between vCloud Directors. One morning my application can run in Europe, in the evening I can move them in USA if I want to.

The first use case is the most immediate: small and medium customers, that does not have the budget to have their own DR site, will be albe to rent DR resources from a Cloud Provider. Putting into count VMware VSPP licenses (VMware Service Provider Program) allow to rent even SRM licenses, DR towards cloud can really become a real service, without CAPEX for who wants to use it.