StarWind Software Releases their iSCSI SAN Software with Asynchronous HA

Disclaimer: this is a Press Release received by StarWind Software. StarWind Software, a global leader in storage virtualization and a pioneer in iSCSI storage, today announced the release of StarWind 5.7, an iSCSI SAN software platform which turns any industry-standard x86 or x64 Windows server into a fail-safe, fault-tolerant storage device that will be continuously […]

VDR and advanced parameters

Recently I’m using at some customers, the VDR appliance (vmware data recovery) from vmware. even is light years behind my beloved, I have to say it’s not so bad after all. Anyway, there are some default settings that do not appear useful in some conditions. for example, if you have several saved GB, daily integrity […]

vSphere 5 licensing: do your own maths!

I’ve found this really useful script: You will need to run it using PoweCLI, and it will enumerate your ESX/ESXi sockets, compare them with your licenses and tell you if you have spare vRAM capacity (so you are getting advantage from the new licensing scheme) or you are overcommitting too much by a licensing […]

vSphere 5 has arrived

Disclaimer: I’ve been awarded vExpert by VMware, and I love their products. At the same time I’m a consultant and I work for my customer, and my goal is to find out for them always the best solution. This post is not a “public bashing”, but a way to think about all the consequences new […]

vExpert 2011

While I was away for a two weeks holiday, I received a wondeful mail from John Troyer, Senior Social Media Strategist at VMware, where I was designated as vExpert 2011. For those who do not know about this, vExpert award (quoting VMware words) is given to individuals who have significantly contributed to the community of VMware […]

Vuemuer now speaks english

Hi all! Vuemuer is growing, every month users increase, so that I was forced during my little break to move this website on a more powerful server. I’ve seen in the Google Analytics logs the I get several visitors from places not speaking in Italian. Probably they are attracted by search keywords, and I fear […]