Il blog è ancora vivo! In inglese…

Ciao a tutti, aggiungo dopo anni questo brevissimo post nella sezione italiana dato che ancora qualcuno mi scrive chiedendomi perchè non scrivo più articoli. In realtà ne scrivo settimanalmente, ma solo in inglese. Quindi, se avete aperto la versione italiana e vi sembra che non ci siano nuovi articoli, andate nella sezione inglese del blog […]

Permissions for Veeam backup Linux repositories

I’ve seen often Veeam users to configure their repositories using administrative permissions. This is a really bad practice as the most precious part of a Veeam environment, the backup files, are then exposed to security risks, in case anyone can obtain those credentials. And with the raise of cryptolockers and ransomware this behavior has become even more dangerous. For Linux repositories, users can configure their servers to use common users.

Improved Powershell script for Let’s Encrypt certificate renewals

In my previous article about Let’s Encrypt certificates Use Let’s Encrypt free certificates in Windows for Veeam Cloud Connect I explained the basics of Let’s Encrypt technology, and how to use its certificates on a Windows machine using ACMEsharp libraries with Powershell. I found out that the previous script had a problem with renewals, so I went on to fix it.