Set a static IP in VeeamPN appliance

For a new chapter of my book on Veeam Availability Console, I created a second virtual datacenter and I needed to connect the two of them together with a vpn. I have many options, like using the embedded ipsec capabilities of the NSX Edge i have at both sites, as they both run vCloud Director, but I decided to use Veeam Powered Network, in order to use this opportunity to learn more about it. And the first thing I’ve learned was how to configure the appliance with a static IP address.

Increase the performance of your Veeam backups in network mode

If you ever tried to do any file operation via the management interface of an ESXi host, like uploading an ISO file or running a backup using Network Mode, you may know the management interface is not running at the full speed of the underlying network interface, and the bandwidth you end up using is only a percentage of the total available. This limit is designed to preserve the availability of the management interface, but still there are situations where this limit is a problem, and you would like to increase it. Hopefully, there’s a solution.

PernixData FVP 1.0 is arrived

Since its first public appearance at the Storage Field Day 3 event I attended on last April, where CTO Satyam Vaghani told us about his company, their technology, and demoed us their produtct, there has been a huge hype around this young startup. PernixData has only one product, called FVP (Flash Virtualization Platform) that allows to join […]

PernixData FVP 1.0 è arrivato

Fin dalla sua prima uscita pubblica in occasione dell’evento Storage Field Day 3 a cui ho partecipato lo scorso aprile, in cui il CTO Satyam Vaghani ha illustrato la nascita della società, la loro tecnologia e ha dimostrato brevemente il prodotto, si è fatto un gran parlare di questa giovane startup negli scorsi mesi. PernixData […]

Veeam Backup and VIX libraries: howto backup networkless VMs using VSS

Microsoft VSS libraries are a smart way of doing backup, in order to guarantee a consistent backup of applications supporting them.
Veeam can do backups without the help of permanent agents inside the virtual machines, anyway if you want to do a VSS-based backup, Veeam deployes (and removes when the backup is completed) a small agent in the Windows VM in order to cohordinate VSS tasks. Usually, this is done by connecting to the target VM via network.
But, what happens when for any reason Veeam is in another network of the one used by the virtual machine, or they cannot communicate to each other?
In these situations Veeam can leverage VMware VIX libraries, that allow for direct interaction between the guest operating system inside a VM using the hypervisor running it, without any need for network connectivity.

Veeam Backup e le librerie VIX: come fare backup VSS di VM non connesse in rete

Da quando Microsoft ha introdotto le funzioni VSS, è diventata buona norma utilizzare queste librerie per garantire un backup consistente degli applicativi che le supportano. Veeam effettua i backup senza l’uso di agent permanenti nelle virtual machine, tuttavia in caso si voglia realizzare un backup tramite VSS, Veeam provvede a installare (e poi rimuovere a […]