It’s time for “Storage Aware” backups?

Lately, many design projects I had had data protection as their main topic: VMware backups, remote backups, long-time retention, replicas, Disaster Recovery and so on. While I was reading customer’s requirements for his “data protection”, the most frequent has been always two: higher backup speed than his current solution, often based on “classic” backup software […]

E’ ora di avere degli “Storage Aware” backups?

Negli ultimi tempi, molti dei progetti che ho seguito ruotavano sull’argomento della protezione dei dati: backup di ambienti VMware, backup remoto, storage a lungo termine, repliche, Disaster Recovery e via discorrendo. Nell’analizzare i requisiti che il cliente si aspetta dalla nuova piattaforma di “data protection”, i più “gettonati” sono sempre due: una velocità di backup […]

Veeam VESS series 4: Configure and browse LeftHand snapshots inside Veeam Backup & Replication

In the previous posts of this series, we completed the configuration on the HP leftHand side. This time, we are going to configure VESS itself.   Network Connection LeftHand storage has no dedicated management interface. This has always created debates among its users, since many smaller storages has this opportunity. My opinion is that, beeing […]