Test Veeam Storage Snapshots in your lab

In a previous post, I described how you can configure a virtual proxy to access an iSCSI storage, in order to test DirectSAN backups. Veeam has an additional functionality, called Storage Snapshots, that improves even more DirectSAN backups performances when you have a supported storage. I’m going to show you in this post how you can configure it in your lab.

Test DirectSAN backups without a physical Veeam server

One of the nice features of Veeam Backup & Replication, when it comes to backup speed, is the possibility to use DirectSAN as its backup method on vSphere environments. This option offers the best performances, but has some precise requirements at the hardware level. It could be easy to comply with them in a production environment, but what if you want to test it in your lab, where usually hardware options are limited? Don’t worry, there is a solution!

Nuovi modelli Nutanix 1000 e 6000: differenti formati, stessa filosofia

Ieri Nutanix ha annunciato due nuove famiglie di modelli, che vanno ad aggiungersi al catalogo esistente. Le due serie, denominate NX-1000 e NX-6000, vanno a posizionarsi agli estremi opposti del loro catalogo, come anche i nomi lasciano intendere. NX-1000 Il primo modello, NX-1000, differisce dalla serie principale 3000 per la mancanza della scheda Fusion-IO on board, […]