Reconfigure NSX to allow vCloud Director to create Org networks

If you have just deployed vCloud Director over NSX , it may happen that during the creation of a new VCD network, the operations fails with the error “Cannot deploy organization VDC network; Make sure vShield Manager infrastructure is properly configured and there are segment IDs available.” In this case, you need to change the configuration of the NSX transport zones from Multicast to either Hybrid or Unicast.

Load balancing services with AWS Route53 DNS health checks

DNS is a great technology that everyone uses over internet. How would you reach a given website if you weren’t able to solve its name to the IP address? Would you memorize the public IP addresses of any website you want to reach? No, and with IPv6 coming in the future, DNS will become even more important for internet consumption. But DNS has one drawback: its records are usually static, and if a platform is dynamic and spawn/removes instances on the fly, it needs to have a way to modify the DNS records that are published, so that a non-reachable instances is not even listed.

vShield, piccola introduzione

Mi sto addentrando ultimamente nell’analisi di strutture DMZ o in qualche modo esposte su internet, e al tempo stesso ospitate su vmware. Spesso i clienti non si accontentano (giustamente aggiungerei) della protezione offerta da port group e vlan di vsphere, e mi chiedono dettagli su vshield. Vshield รจ la soluzione di sicurezza offerta da vmware […]