Service Providers Tour, this time down under!

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As I promised at the end of the post “Two weeks in the USA for the service providers”, I was planning to repeat the same tour in other regions. Well, time has come, and has you are writing this post, I’m flying over Asia and the Indian Ocean towards Auckland, my first stop.

Again, we are going to deliver there a half day seminar, specifically designed for Service Providers, where I will be joined again by a Mike 🙂

VEEAM ON TOUR with Michael & Luca

This time, Mike and Luca will be made by me, and Michael Diaz, Cloud and Hosting Providers Manager for ANZ at Veeam. I will host the first session as before on the technical aspects of our solutions, and how they can be used by service providers, while Michael will talk about business topics, the VCP program, and how to become Veeam provider partners. In the middle, a lot of networking between attendees and with our Veeam team, and we will be joined by a Service Provider in each city,talking about how they’re delivering cloud backup, data protection-as-a-service (DPaaS) and enhanced hosting with Veeam.

We will hit 3 different cities: Auckland (NZ) on 8th May, Melborune on 12th May, Sydney on 13th May.

If you want to join this free event, click one of the link above and register for the nearest city.

See you there!