Run your small DNS server with MaraDNS

For a new project I started last week I needed a DNS server in my home office. Usually, my router is my dns resolver, but it doesn’t allow to create authoritative zones.  Windows 10 running on my laptop doesn’t have a DNS server either, and I don’t have an hypervisor in my home office to build a virtual machine; and it wouldn’t even be useful to spend so much time doing it for then using the DNS just a couple of hours.
So, I looked around and I found this tiny cool project called MaraDNS, that was perfect for my use case.

Load balancing services with AWS Route53 DNS health checks

DNS is a great technology that everyone uses over internet. How would you reach a given website if you weren’t able to solve its name to the IP address? Would you memorize the public IP addresses of any website you want to reach? No, and with IPv6 coming in the future, DNS will become even more important for internet consumption. But DNS has one drawback: its records are usually static, and if a platform is dynamic and spawn/removes instances on the fly, it needs to have a way to modify the DNS records that are published, so that a non-reachable instances is not even listed.

Cluster HA e il servizio DNS

In tutti i documenti ufficiali VMware, così come durante i corsi di certificazione, si è sempre ripetuto che per un corretto funzionamento di un cluster HA era assolutamente necessario avere un dns funzionante. Questo perchè ogni nodo ESX o ESXi sfruttava le risoluzioni dns per contattare gli altri membri del cluster. Dalla versione U2 questo […]